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Welcome to The Roughhausers, a creative duo in Hollywood. We make films, videos, performances, and art in collaboration with visionaries across Los Angeles and beyond.

KAYDEE KERSTEN is a creative producer in Los Angeles, and a camera operator at the Comedy Central Stages in Hollywood. You'll find her getting her hands dirty in all aspects of production, including writing, camera operation, prop fabrication, costuming, make-up, editing, sound design, and (very) occasionally, acting.

A longtime event producer for companies like HBO and Entertainment Weekly, KayDee has produced live theater and standup shows at venues across Chicago, L.A., and San Francisco.

She's also a standup comedian with a razor-sharp dry wit, performing at the Comedy Store, the historic Purple Onion, NYC's Gotham Comedy Club, L.A.'s underground Laugh Riot Grrrl festival, and at the Edinburgh Fringe.

KayDee collaborates regularly with dedicated creatives who share her passions for female-positive content, equality, LGBT rights, sanity, beverages with bubbles, and laughter. For more, visit:

SCOTCH WICHMANN is a writer, performance artist, comedian, filmmaker, and hacker in Los Angeles.

His live experimental works have been featured at art galleries and comedy venues like The Improv, The Comedy Store, Nerdist, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), HIGHWAYS, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where his pieces have become known for their magical realism, schizophrenic texts, ragged staging, physical endurance, and Dadaist pranks.

Co-nominated for Best Comedy and Best Stunt at the 2013 Hollywood Fringe Festival, Scotch attracted a swarm of press from CNN, NBC, NPR, Maxim, and the NY Times after launching Meth Coffee, a cracked-out coffee brand in San Francisco that was eventually banned by the entire state of Illinois.

He was also responsible for DICKTEMP, a successful attempt to measure the temperature of his private parts 24/7 for 30 days using home-built electronics after being inspired by a dream about Matt Damon.

His caper comedy novel, Two Performance Artists Kidnap Their Boss And Do Things With Him, won the Silver Medal for Best New Voice at the 2015 Independent Book Publisher's Association Awards after parts of the book were plagiarized by Hollywood actor Shia LaBeouf.

Scotch also directed Secret to A Better Life, a dark comedy short featured at the 2011 Nihilist Film Festival, and Two Performance Artists, an edgy trailer promoting his novel that won the "Most Bizarre" award in L.A.'s 2015 BookReels contest.

A professional computer hacker and longtime conspiracy theorist, Scotch penned a conspiracy-thriller screenplay with KayDee in 2018 about a female FBI agent who is pulled into a dangerous game of espionage — look for in theaters soon! For more, visit:




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